Siblings and the wine

a cooperation between Vino Gross and Weingut Gross

Two vintner brothers marry two sisters. They live and work together for a whole decade before they decide to tread new paths. Friendship and family ties remain – much like the wish for joint projects that they now implement under the label Gross & Gross.

Jakobi and his friends at a glance


The “Old Farmer’s Calendar” on the label of this Sauvignon Blanc tells us about the vintage in which it was made. Jakobi is deeply rooted in our region.

In each vintage, the label for the aromatic, elegant Sauvignon Blanc and its symbols tell you all about the year when the wine was made. It is based on the age-old “Mandl” calendar, once created for the illiterate, which still adorns many a house in the region today. We added our own symbols of viticulture to mark specific events of the year.

Calendar label


Mitzi is a Gelber Muskateller so typical of Südsteiermark and was the byname of our grandma Maria.

Grandma was our role model for what the annual cycle on the label is meant to symbolize: endurance for the ever-recurring activities in the vineyard; experience for handed-down country lore; and character that the wine owes to its vintage. „Epiphany bright and clear gives good wine in the new year.“ Many a country saying is the fruit of long-standing observations in a nutshell. These sayings are found on the Mitzi label.



A little piece of happiness, sparkling and animating, produced using original methods of sparkling winemaking.

Fortuna Minor, the Pet Nat by Gross & Gross is here to celebrate life. This sparkling wine is our “lesser fortune” to accompany the small, big and unforgettable moments of happiness in life: joyful moments of any kind, be it a romantic evening for two, family celebrations or fizzy party nights.


Flein – these are the varietal grape juices of our sister and sister-in-law Veronika.

A glass of Flein is juice of the highest quality
100 % varietal
100 % natural
100 % manual work
no artificial additives