We ♡ Vino Gross

Maria and Michael Gross retired from the Gross winery in 2018, step by step, to continue the development of Vino Gross.

By a lucky coincidence, the Gross family was able to acquire vineyards in the Haloze region in 2005. A process of getting to know each other began. Neighbours became friends, and gradually the great potential of the regional grape varieties and the steep terraces opened up. In 2011, the newly founded winery Vino Gross made its first public appearance with a wine. After further years or vintages in and from Haloze, Maria and Michael Gross know that great wines can be produced in the Štajerska Slovenija wine region. The two of them are now withdrawing from the Gross Winery in order to push ahead with the development of Vino Gross.

Balance, origin and time
Maria and Michael want to achieve the highest possible balance of growth and yield in their terraced vineyards through careful manual work and organic cultivation. Every vine is tended individually. This way, all the grapes on a site reach the perfect harvesttime together. The harmonious balance of maturity and acidity is reflected in Vino Gross’ wines.

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Coordinates: 46°20'31.6"N 15°51'07.8"E


We fell in love. With the extremely steep slopes of the old wine-growing village of Gorca and with the romantic wild landscape of the Haloze region in Slovenia. The decision to concentrate entirely on Vino Gross was a conscious one and encouraged by our loved ones. We are happy to rise to whatever challenges we are faced with, from laborious manual work in the terraced vineyards to dealing with the highly sensitive Furmint grape variety. We can look forward to a wonderful lifetime project.

Maria and Michael Gross