Gewürztraminer features intense aromas and longevity – much to the liking of wine fans.

Gewürztraminer is among the favourite varieties of Alois Gross. It is highly prosperous in warm and sunny vineyard sites, such as the stone terraces behind our winery. The berries are quite small, rust-coloured, and harvested at the height of their ripening process at the “Auslese” grade.

Our Gewürztraminer is almost oily, aromatic, and shows a lingering interplay of aromas. This variety is widely known for its excellent aging properties.

Sun worshipper
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750 ml · 13,5 % Vol. alc.
EUR 29.90 incl. VAT
Sweet, concentrated, enormously complex bouquet with honeydew melon, mandarin peel...
0,75l · 15,0 % Vol. alc.
Deep and enormously complex. New aromas appear constantly. Orange oil,...
0,75l · 14,5 g/l Vol. alc.
Concentrated, smoky, minerally and incredibly aromatic. Somewhat sweet in the...
0,75 l · 15,0 % Vol. alc.
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