Juice from Sauvignon Blanc Flein Sortenrein 2020 GROSS & GROSS

0,73 l size 2020 – 2022 best enjoyed screw cap
Flein Sortenrein

Flein is an elegant aperitif and food companion, a worthy non-alcoholic alternative to a glass of wine. Flein surprises with freshness, elegance and lively acidity. The varietal grape juice is a real pleasure to drink.

Enjoy pure and chilled in a large wine glass.

Get more information about Veronika Mitteregger’s sibling project with her winegrower-family Gross & Gross: www.flein.at

Bright light yellow in the glass. In the fragrance gooseberries, green sprouts, also very grapey, with herbal notes. Refreshing citrus notes on the palate and tart currants at the end. Juicy and pleasantly light-footed. Balanced sugar-acid game – lots of fruit and still crisp!


grape variety

This grape variety has small leaves and is densely leafy. The grapes are also small, compact and cylindrical. The berries have a spicy taste, which we were able to preserve wonderfully in this pure, natural juice.


The grapes for Flein grow in vineyards that are cultivated and harvested by hand especially for juice production. The gentle pressing according to the champagne method (degree of pressing only 55 percent) and the latest technology in heat-reduced pasteurisation make a typical taste experience possible.

ground / cultivation area

Flein Sauvignon Blanc grows on steep terraces at 350 to 400 metres above sea level in a south-facing basin in the small wine-growing town Gorca. Its taste is influenced by the climate of the Alps and Adriatic Sea. The vines root deep into the limy marl in search of nutrients.

food attendant

It goes well with fish and vegetable dishes as well as with light starters. Elegant aperitif! Maximum enjoyment in the first year.

data sheet

Big bottle and special shapes on request weingut@gross.at

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