Sämling – The perfect alternative to our aromatic varieties Sauvignon Blanc and Gelber Muskateller.

Sämling, or Scheurebe 88 in its full ampelographic denomination, was named after its breeder, Georg Scheu: it was his 88th attempt to breed Riesling and Silvaner. The full aroma has earned the variety its by-name “the younger brother of Sauvignon Blanc” – light and fruity in the glass. With their thin and sensitive skin, the grapes are a challenge in the vineyard.

Sämling is of historic significance in our winery: grandfather Alois Gross sen. celebrated Sämling as his favourite variety and planted grapevines that are at a good age today. This variety is an excellent complement to our wine range.

Grandpa’s favourite
A light, bouncy bundle of aroma. Lemon blossom, meadow herbs...
0,75l · 12,0 % Vol. alc.
Due to high ripeness in the vintage 2016, Sämling 88...
0,75 l · 12,0 % Vol. alc.
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