Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc is a perfect, fine and elegant accompaniment to many dishes – All qualities that we like to identify with.

Pinot Blanc is among the most widely grown varieties in Südsteiermark. Much like Chardonnay a member of the Burgundy family, it is however way more demanding in terms of site location. This variety produces top-quality wines but only at the most favourable sites. Where this is the case, Pinot Blanc leaves nothing to be desired and produces fresh and fruity wines to be enjoyed young or at any quality level, up to excellent single-vineyard wines.

In the cellar, Pinot Blanc requires quite a bit of attention. It needs time and must not be overstrained to avoid it becoming plump. In the single-vineyard version, it loves to be left to mature in the bottle for a while.

… is available as single-vineyard wine, village wine, and regional wine of the Steirische Klassik line.

Food companion
Light nose, yellow greengages and dried corn. Wonderfully creamy palate,...
0,75l · 12,0 Vol. alc.
EUR 9.90 incl. VAT
Deep, concentrated nose of lemon peel, Turkish honey and roasted,...
0,75 l · 12,5 Vol. alc.
EUR 19.90 incl. VAT
Dense and full of tension. Chalky spice underpinned by grated...
0,75l · 13,5 Vol. alc.
EUR 35.00 incl. VAT
Inviting nose of grated walnuts, ripe pears and spicy mineral...
0,75l · 12,5 % Vol. alc.
EUR 14.90 incl. VAT
Smooth and timeless. Aromas of green tea, stone fruit and...
0,75l · 12,0 % Vol. alc.
EUR 9.90 incl. VAT
Needs to breathe. Dried pear peel, almond cream and cold...
0,75l · 12,5 % Vol. alc.
EUR 19.90 incl. VAT
Elegant and timeless. A classical wine with a nose of...
0,75 l · 12,5 % Vol. alc.
EUR 9.90 incl. VAT
Rich, complex and full of tension, but also delicate and...
1,5l · 13,5 % Vol. alc.
EUR 69.00 incl. VAT
As clear as a mountain stream, fine, and reduced. The...
0,75 l · 12,5 % Vol. alc.
EUR 18.60 incl. VAT
Opens up in the glass, with a hint of freshly...
0,75 l · 13,0 % Vol. alc.
EUR 14.50 incl. VAT
A highly aromatic and minerally nose, with a scent of...
1,5 l · 14,0 % Vol. alc.
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