Johannes harvests riesling from one of our best vineyard sites and has named it his “Little Romance” in the cellar.

Although the Riesling variety is deeply rooted in the region, it has somewhat faded from the spotlight in recent years. We still have a small block of 25 years old vines at the Nussberg, with a yield of 300 to 600 litres. Much to the joy of Johannes whose passion for Riesling began while interning at the Künstler winery in Germany. He has fun working with the variety and bringing its interplay of sweet and sour to the surface. Passing by the cask without giving this rare wine a brief look is rather hard for Johannes, he says.

An aromatic interplay of apricot and dried pineapple on the...
0,75l · 13,5 % Vol. alc.
EUR 19.90 incl. VAT
Crystal clear and fresh, almost cool in fragrance. Lots of...
0,75l · 10,0 % Vol. alc.
EUR 20.90 incl. VAT
A whole basket of fully ripe fruits – including sweet...
0,75 l · 11,0 % Vol. alc.
EUR 20.90 incl. VAT
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