According to Austrian wine law, a "mountain wine" comes from vineyards with a minimum slope of 26 percent. The protected designation is a tribute to the sweaty manual labor in the steep vineyards.

As a tribute to the diversity and steep slopes of southern Styria, we press our "Bergwein". With a high proportion of Sauvignon Blanc, we are committed to our lead variety, but also the yield of the old, gnarled Welschriesling vines flows into our Bergwein.

"Bergwein" is the only term regulated by law, which indicates the difficulty of its production conditions in the steep vineyards.

It doesn't get steeper!
Cool, juicy bouquet with aromas of kafirlimette, dried herbs and...
0,75 l · 12,5 % Vol. alc.
From the beginning a lot of wine in the glass....
0,75 l · 11,5 % Vol. alc.
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