Moist-warm days with moderate mist or rain in fall offer ideal conditions for the noble rot to grow: botrytis cinerea is a fungus that attacks the skin of the berries. These diminish to raisin-like fruits and are left with highly concentrated ingredients and a high sugar content.

Trockenbeerenauslese wines (TBA) are truly rare to find here in Südsteiermark. Rather than selecting a special vineyard to produce an Auslese grade wine, we take individual berries with noble rot as a gift of nature: during harvest, the dried berries are picked into separate bins and later re-sorted by hand. An old small plunger press separates the sweet must from the stems, which is then left to mature in small steel tanks or rather seldom in a wooden cask.

Gift of nature
This Welschriesling Trockenbeerenauslese convinces with aromas of orange zest and...
0,375 l · 10 % Vol. alc.
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