Privat Rarität 2017 Rarität

5,1 acidity TA 14,5 ABV Cork cap 1,5 l size 2019-2029+ best enjoyed 6,4 residual sugar 35 years aged vines

Flavour explosion from the first second. Tobacco, chamomile and above all lovage. Pineapple & sweet roasted aromas are added with air. Gripping on the palate with a lot of grip. The acidity provides a lot of tension and drinking flow, despite all the power of the wine. Highly ripe white currant and again many herbs. Eternal and precise reverberation. Enormous ripening potential – a monument. (Thomas Schabl, diploma sommelier)


grape variety

The variety has small leaves and is densely leafy, the clusters are small, compact and cylindrical, the berries have a spicy-intense flavor.


Overripe, partly shriveled berries or parts of grapes - free of botrytis, but with high sugar levels - are selected by hand. The naturally concentrated berries are gently pressed with a punch press and then spontaneously fermented in traditional small wooden barrels. This fermentation lasts up to one year and leaves a natural sugar residue. Only after further aging for several months in stainless steel tanks and small Hozl barrels plus several years of rest in the bottle, this rare selection comes to maturity.

ground / cultivation area

Only in exceptional years with warm, dry autumn weather do the grapes of those vines come to the desired over-ripeness, which are rooted almost directly on the meager Opok of our vineyards.

food attendant

It goes well with spicy Asian dishes, but also as a solo wine it gives great pleasure to the palate.

data sheet

Big bottle and special shapes on request

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