Morillon 2016 Ortswein

6,6 g/l acidity TA 12,5 % ABV Cork cap 0,75l size 2018-2023+ best enjoyed 1,1 g/l residual sugar 18 to 39 years aged vines

Spicy, fiery, robust. Red apple, hazelnuts and a little green melon. Firm and compact on the palate, invigorating rich fruit, apple reflected again. Lots of freshness and thrilling spice on the finish. (Arno Bergler, WeinErleben)

grape variety

Clusters are medium-sized, slightly winged and ripe in early October. The variety loves warm, calcareous soils. In Styria, Morillon is another name for Chardonnay.


rapes picked and selected by hand, carefully pressed, spontaneous fermentation, left for 12 months on the yeast in 600 l casks (Startin) and on the lees in the steel tank for another 6 months.

ground / cultivation area

Limey marl (opok), lime sandstone.

food attendant

Fish, seafood, veal or poultry – a good companion to round off any culinary delight.

data sheet

Big bottle and special shapes on request

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