Weißburgunder Ried Kittenberg FR 2015 Erste STK Ried

0,75 l size 12,5 % ABV 1,1 g/l residual sugar 5,2 g/l acidity TA Cork cap 47 years aged vines 2021 – 2026+ best enjoyed

Finely chiseled aromas of shelled walnut, ripe pear and white peach. The initial subtle reduction turns into nuances of salted butter, licorice and black stone. On the palate, the Pinot Blanc is close-meshed with vibrant acidity. Finely structured long and elegant finish leaves an all-around balanced feeling with a desire for the next sip.
(Mathias Riepl & Thomas Schabl, diploma sommeliers)

grape variety

The grapes are small and cylindrical and ripen until mid-October. The variety loves skeletal soils. The wines have slightly nutty to bready aromas, are elegant, spicy and quite extractive.


Maceration time 4h. Slow and gentle pressing by tank press. 12h débourbage (pre-clarification), spontaneous fermentation in large neutral oak barrel (2400lt). Aging for 12 months on the full lees, 1st racking in a steel tank considering favorable lunar phases. At the appropriate time, the wine is clarified by means of small quantities of bentonite and preserved with a small dose of sulfur. After 5 months of aging in the steel tank, the upper part, clarified by natural sedimentation, was bottled. The lower part of the tank was transferred to a smaller tank and remained there for another year before this wine was bottled unfiltered.

ground / cultivation area

Leithakalk and phyllite schist

food attendant

Excellent with fish and white poultry, but equally good with warm appetizers; also suitable as a wine accompaniment for a whole menu.

FALSTAFF (95 Punkte)
data sheet

Big bottle and special shapes on request weingut@gross.at

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