Weißburgunder Ried Kittenberg 2017 Erste STK Ried

6,1 acidity TA 12,5 ABV Cork cap 0,75 l size 2019 – 2026+ best enjoyed 3,3 residual sugar 49 years aged vines

Deep, concentrated nose of lemon peel, Turkish honey and roasted, candied almonds. Full mouthfeel, but still cool and invigorating, mandarin on a long aftertaste. (Arno Berlger, WeinErleben)

grape variety

Clusters are small and cylindrical and fully ripe by mid-October. The variety loves skeleton-rich soils. The wines have a slightly nutty to bready aroma, are elegant, spicy, and quite extract-rich.


Harvesting and grape selection by hand, gentle pressing of whole grapes, slow fermentation in traditional wooden barrels. 12 months’ maturation in wooden barrels followed by another 4 months in stainless steel tanks.

ground / cultivation area

Leithakalk and phyllitic slate.

food attendant

Excellent with fish and white poultry, but also with warm antipasti; equally perfect to serve with a whole meal.

data sheet

Big bottle and special shapes on request weingut@gross.at

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