Gewürztraminer Ried Nussberg 2015 Große STK Ried

4,2 g/l acidity TA 15,0 % ABV 0,75 l size 1,1 g/l residual sugar Cork cap 2017-2032+ best enjoyed 15 years aged vines

Concentrated, smoky, minerally and incredibly aromatic. Somewhat sweet in the nose with notes of pineapple, kumquat and dried peach, along with some lychee and lots of tangerine freshness. Increasingly complex aromas in the glass of ground coriander seeds. Profoundly concentrated and powerful also on the palate, almost reminiscent of ripe physalis, along with some acacia flower. A tender sweetness forms harmony and a long aftertaste that can last for minutes. A true monument of a wine. (Arno Bergler – WeinErleben)

grape variety

Gewürztraminer is small-berried and the skins of a yellow-reddish colour.


Grapes picked and selected by hand, late-harvested, partly over-ripe with a high sugar concentration; carefully crushed in the plunger press; matured in the 600 l cask.

ground / cultivation area

Lime sandstone with tuff inclusions.

food attendant

Either solo or ideal to pair with paté, goose liver, and blue cheeses.

data sheet

Big bottle and special shapes on request

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