Morillon Ried Nussberg Preschnigg 2017 Große STK Ried

5 g/l acidity TA 13,5 % ABV 0,75 l size 1,1 g/l residual sugar Cork cap 2019-2029+ best enjoyed 33 years aged vines

Prelude of deep minerality. Fine aromas of crispy farmhouse bread crust and hay flowers. Tight and complex. In the taste fully ripe apricot and smoky lemon. A chalky, even oyster-water-like aftertaste focuses and holds the wine on the palate. A great Morillon, which seamlessly follows its Nussberg predecessors. (Thomas Schabl, wine sommelier)

grape variety

The grapes are medium sized, lightly shouldered and ripe at the end of September, beginning of October. The variety loves warm, chalky soils. Morillon is the name for Chardonnay in Styria.


Slow, spontaneous fermentation in traditional, large wooden casks. Twelve months maturing on full yeast, followed by six months maturing in stainless steel tanks, bottled with deliberate avoidance of fining and filtration.

ground / cultivation area

Lime marl (Opok) with lime sandstone

food attendant

For example, the wide range of culinary applications extends from festive roasts to saltwater fish, from rabbit to goose.

data sheet

Big bottle and special shapes on request

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