Gelber Muskateller Ried Perz 2015 Erste STK Ried

6,5 g/lt acidity TA 12,5 % ABV 0,75 l size 2016-2023+ best enjoyed 6,2 g/lt residual sugar 24 years aged vines screw cap

Unfolds incredibly when aired in a large glass! Completely devoid of fruit-forward Muscat Blanc flavours, compelling serious minerally notes instead. On the fruit side: fully ripe peach, spicy coriander seeds, grape skins, and a hint of bergamot. Some aromatic rosehip and dried apple. Lingers long on the palate. (Arno Bergler – Wein erleben)

grape variety

Among the oldest grape varieties cultivated on earth. Susceptible to bunch rot and late-maturing, it needs warm and frost-free conditions. Clusters are medium-sized, elongated and winged, to double.


Grapes picked and selected by hand, left on the skins for a while, carefully pressed, spontaneous fermentation (partly in the wooden cask, partly in steel tanks); matured on the yeast for 5 months, and on the lees for another 2 months.

ground / cultivation area

Lime-free loamy sands with gravel inclusions sedimented in a riverbed.

food attendant

Recommended with fine fish and white poultry, but also white asparagus; a very special treat when enjoyed on its own.

Vinaria (4 Sterne + TIPP)
Falstaff (93 Punkte)
a la carte (93 Punkte)
Gault & Millau (17,5 Punkte)
data sheet

Big bottle and special shapes on request

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